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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Niger Delta, Oil and Nigeria

My Nigerian people why do you always expect me to be a rich man or be different from you anytime you ask me where I come from and I say I'm from Rivers State, does the oil rich Rivers State of
Nigeria translate into riches? The only difference between me from the oil rich Rivers State and you from Zamfara, Adamawa, Osun, Kogi, Yobe, Enugu etc is that while you can still go to your farm and get good harvest, I can no longer farm on my land due to oil pollution, I can no longer get fish from my river because the rivers are polluted, I can no longer swim in that river I swam when I was much younger because oil spillage now covers my river, I am exposed to hazards from gas flaring, these are some of the things I get as a result of the ''NIGERIAN OIL'' in Rivers State. Despite these hazards, this oil is transported in pipes that run across my waterways to destinations I do not know, sold by the Nigerian government and the proceeds are distributed among the 36 States including you from the States I mentioned above so I have come to a thoughtful conclusion that if you expect me to be rich by virtue of the oil in my land but am not as rich as you thought that means the Nigerian government is not giving me what rightfully belongs to me or they are stealing my wealth.

My stand on Rivers State and Niger Delta in general and its oil remains firm, as long as the Nigerian government continues oil exploration in the Niger Delta and making my environment inhabitable, destroying my source of livelihood as well as exposing me to countless hazards I will still believe strongly that the ''owners'' of Nigeria are on a mission to exterminate the people of the Niger Delta

Awaji-kansan Obediah
Obed's Blog Publisher

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