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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Is Nigeria truly independent?

Nigeria is celebrating its 55th Independence anniversary on the 1st October 2015 and that's an amazing thing to know, as a country Nigeria has come a long way and all thanks to God and our
heroes of blessed memories. Today Nigeria has existed as a country for 55 years without a European sitting in Nigeria's Capital City as the Head of government, that means Nigeria is an independent country but the question is, is Nigeria truly independent?
Nigeria as a multi lingual and multi ethnic Country cannot be said to be independent and the reasons are so glaring, today we have a country that is widely divided based on religion, tribe and political lines, today we have a country where a citizen cannot be part of government in his/her country because of the region he/she comes from. The name Nigeria might be independent but its citizens and government are not yet independent, some people say Nigeria is going forward and am wondering which direction is forward, our leaders lack vision and they don't know what is best for the country so they do what is best for them instead of what is best for the country.

Nigeria is not an independent country yet because today we have a President who goes to the meeting of the so called G7 with a wishlist waiting for orders from the self acclaimed world leaders on what to be done in a supposed independent country, we have a Leader of a supposed independent country who would rather disclose his policies to the President of America, Prime Minister of Britain for endorsement before any further actions, we have a Leader who would be bold enough to stand at the United Nations and demand that Palestine be an independent country while in his country ''Biafrans'' are hounded for asking to be an independent country, in Nigeria pro Biafran groups are no longer allowed to carry out demonstrations demanding independence as the Inspector general of Police orders any of them caught to be arrested so what exactly are we celebrating?
The Nigerian constitution says Nigeria shall remain one indivisible country but its so sad to know that this part of the constitution has been grossly violated by the President, firstly the president has divided Nigerians into two groups: the 97% and 5% groups following the just concluded Presidential election and according to him its not right in all honesty to treat these two groups equally. Secondly, the President has no trust or confidence in people from one part of the same country (South South and South East) he leads and this is evident in all his recent appointments but according to them Nigeria remains an indivisible country, one of the ironies of life!! Our politicians have successfully divided the country and equally the youths alongside and it now looks like just being a Nigerian is not enough to be Nigerian unless you are from the North or the West while Southerners and Easterners are more like second class citizens  but here we are celebrating one indivisible country. The name Nigeria is independent but the citizens are yet to be free because the cabals have made Nigeria so complicated that the voices of the voiceless cannot be heard, be ready to be pulled down using State machinery when you do not agree with them.
The country's economy is obviously not improving because the Nigerian government is so much concerned about the oil in the Niger Delta but refuses to look into other areas of the economy that is capable of generating revenue for the country. Nigeria is blessed with so much natural resources both solid minerals and petroleum but because oil sells faster the government has forgotten about the solid mineral deposits in the North and is focusing on the oil in the Niger Delta therefore an individual can comfortably mine these solid minerals without any reactions from the government because they don't care about the solid minerals but the same cannot be said of the petroleum in the Niger Delta. It is a crime to steal either the solid mineral in the North or the oil in the South but we only hear of oil theft and never have we heard of solid mineral theft because the Nigeria government has no clue about diversifying the economy. These are some of the reasons showing the shortsightedness of the Nigerian government therefore until these anomalies are corrected, celebrating Nigeria remains a mockery.

I am a strong believer that one day Nigeria shall be free from the few corrupt people that have held Nigeria captive, the corrupt people that run the affairs of Nigeria like that of their private enterprises but until Nigeria is free from these cabals I will see no reason celebrating the independence of Nigeria

Awaji-kansan Obediah
Obed's Blog Publisher

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