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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Insensitivity of our government

My people have been brainwashed to believe that governance is just all about repairing street roads and making appointments. Why should a government still be in existence if it cannot boast of creating employment, alleviate poverty, provide free and accessible education and healthcare, secure the lives of its citizens, provide enabling environment for investors to come in and for business to thrive. What is governance all about when there is no power supply, no jobs for the unemployed.

Where I come from as long as government is able to repair some roads and renovate primary/secondary schools, that government will simply be described the best. A certain governor in my country was said to be the best governor in the country for using months to fill portholes on the streets of one Local government area out of about two dozens of LGAs. No good policy statement, while the Federal government is busy throwing the rights of the people to the bin, fighting political enemies and rewarding its obviously corrupt friends, some of the states are wasting away in ignorance, insensitivity and the lack of a clear direction on how to make a government function as one. Sometimes I don't blame them because they obviously put in enough physical effort to make things work but fail to realise that they lack what it takes to be in government.

Obediah Awaji
Publisher of Obed's Blog

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