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Saturday, 19 December 2015


They are cowardly, wicked, malicious, petty, insensitive, vicious and, worse of all, manifestly incompetent. They are a government of liars, run by liars and for liars.

They malign the weak, harass the defenseless, torment the poor and punish the innocent but God will see their end. They are soft on Boko Haram whilst they murder shia muslims, christians, Biafrans, the young, the old, the weak and the vulnerable.
They defy court orders and mock the judiciary. They abuse power and defy the word of God. They rejoice when others suffer and they take pleasure in the misfortune of their adversaries. Instead of being just and true they are perverse in all their ways.
Instead of seeking peace, moving the country forward and facing the business of governance they have chosen to tread the path of destruction, persecution, discord, strife, witch hunts, lies, demonization and war.
In a futile attempt to distract the world from their own failures they seek to inculcate and establish an atmosphere of fear and intimidation and thereby silence their perceived enemies and detractors.
Yet no matter how many people they incriminate, criminalise, malign, humiliate, misrepresent, beat and lock up, no matter how many people they kill, no matter how many people they abduct and throw out of their homes, the fact remains that the the country is still falling apart and our economy is still going to the dogs.

No matter what lies they tell and no matter what entertainment and palliatives they feed us with to keep us grinning and distracted, the value of the naira is still at its lowest in its 42 years of existence, the security situation is still terrible, Boko Haram is still waxing stronger, the morale of our soldiers is still getting lower, the price of food is still rocketing, the fuel queues still persist and poverty and hardship pervades the land like never before.
The Buhari administration is indulging in wickedness and the abuse of power, violating the civil liberties and human rights of its own citizens, murdering its own people , dividing the country, witchunting and intimidating its perceived enemies, making a mockery of justice and the fight against corruption, rejecting peace and all that is wholesome and true and, like the biblical Pharoah, they are provoking the wrath of the Lord and playing with fire.
As He did with Pharaoh, Nebudchadnezzar, Jezebel and Sennacherub God will surely break them and bring them down. He will avenge the dead, He will vindicate the innocent and falsely accused, He will prove Himself mighty in battle and He will grant them no mercy.
Shame and woe be unto all those that have chosen to dine with the devil by joining and supporting this government. The bible says there is no peace for the wicked.
There is no fellowship between light and darkness. There is no agreement between good and evil. There is no commonality of purpose between the just and the perverse.
There is no accord between the compassionate and the heartless. There is no bond between the kind and the wicked. I would rather die than join or support a government of heartless men and closet fundamentalists.
I have no doubt that by the time this is all over the Nigerian people will regret the choice that they made earlier this year and they will beg for a true democrat and peace-loving man to be elected into office.
Like the proverbial frog that is slowly being boiled in water but that does not even feel it,our people are being taken for a ride by the Buhari administration.

To distract them from his governments monumental failures the President feeds them with a daily dose of lies, falsehood and sensational and unsubstantiated allegations about the so-called corruption of key players in the previous administration.
Sadly the people lap it up with joy and accept the tales they are being told without question, reason or exception. They forget that allegations are a dime a dozen and that trial by media does not often result in a conviction in a diligent and responsible court of law.
Meanwhile as this obscene circus show of branding everyone but himself as a crook and feeding the innocents to the lions continuous, President Buhari is destroying the lives of the people, ruining the economy,crushing his opponents, silencing his detractors, discrediting his adversaries and dividing our nation.
He is also breaking the spirit of our country and turning us into a laughing stock before the international community.
The bottom line is this: Nigeria has been transformed into a gestapo-like police state where state-sponsored lies and propaganda hold sway and where fear, coercion, blackmail and intimidation is the primary tool of governance.

May God grant us the courage to take back our country and may the forces of light, truth and justice prevail in our land. Merry Christmas.

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