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Thursday, 21 January 2016


Nigerians what is happening to our country, do we still have no right to speak out? are we still going to get blinded by politics that we gain nothing from? are we still going to stay mum because we are
sympathetic to the government at the centre?

The price of oil has fallen rapidly yet our government seems to have no idea on how to diversify the economy, even with the fall in oil price some countries are no longer buying our oil with the latest being South Africa, how will this country survive under some set of people who have no clue about the economy, again I ask do we still have no right to speak out because the government just assumed office? Our economy is gradually dying, Companies are laying off workers in their numbers, investors are pulling out in droves, Naira has fallen to its lowest level in a while yet in all these what is our government doing about?
They have lost all economic ideas, now for every one thousand Naira you obtain through online/internet banking, fifty Naira goes to the government to help them finance their fraud called 2016 budget. Our government has run out of economic ideas and the only way they thought they could finance the 2016 fraud( budget) was to fine MTN, a South African company billions of dollars and in retaliation South Africa has announced they will stop buying our oil and they have also stopped issuing visas to Nigerians going to South Africa. I would say: "Ordinary South Africa"!

Our government has lost grip of everything, Lassa fever has killed more people in a very short while than the more deadly Ebola virus but that is not a priority for the government as they planned to stop Lassa fever in April that is to say from now till April Nigerians are at the mercy of Lassa fever. This is a critical moment for our country and unfortunately, we are being ruled by people who put 70% of their time in trying all within their power to jail Nnamdi Kanu, intimidate the opposition party, brainwash their gullible followers, even if they want to do all these the economy should be given more attention.

I pity those of you whose parents are civil servants and have refused to see beyond APC/PDP, bearing in mind that when Dasuki was busy sharing billions neither you nor your parents got a dime, or was it when Chibuike Amaechi was busy squandering billions of Rivers money on Buhari and APC at large that none of them got to you, or was it when the same man spent 82 million Naira Rivers money in 3 hours on Wole Soyinka from Ogun State while Rivers people were languishing in hardship.

Let us stop deceiving ourselves, you come on Facebook to chant Sai Baba and you go into your room to cry because your father who is a businessman can no longer give you what he used to give you due to unfavourable policies by the government. You come on Facebook and use the hashtag #IStandWithBuhari and go into your room to cry because your father has just been laid off by the company where he used to work due to bad economic policies. You live and study in the UK or US and your parents can no longer sponsor your education because of high exchange rate yet Buhari and Amaechi are your heroes, isn't that insane?
Until this government chooses its priorities right, get capable hands to work with them and stop chasing rat while their roof is on fire then only would Nigerians stop crying but until then, CRY NIGERIANS!!

Awaji Obediah
Publisher at The Galaxy Times 

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