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Wednesday, 23 March 2016


The more this government persecutes its perceived enemies, the more they are sowing the seeds of disintegration of our country.

No-one wishes to be part of a country in which apartheid, genocide, ethnic cleansing, islamisation, state-sponsored terror and religious bigotry and the selective application of justice is alive and well.
If u want a country to remain together u do not go out of ur way to kill, destroy, intimidate and tell lies about those that oppose u, that criticise u and that are not in ur political party.
U do not try to relegate christianity into a second rate faith. U do not drag our nation into a military coalition of sunni muslim countries.
U do not get into bed with the Jihadists. U do not refuse to condemn the heinous activities of ur kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen.
U do not try to jail ur opponents for no just cause or attempt to silence them with sensational and sallacious lies.
U do not use the security agencies to insult and threaten them on a daily basis and demonise them with half truths and mendacities before the entire world.
U do not impoverish the people with half-baked and ill-conceived economic and fiscal policies which have resulted in untold hardship, an unprecedented economic recession, high food and fuel prices, endless fuel queues, high electricity tariffs, the exile of the U.S. dollar and the unofficial devaluation of the naira.
U do not implement an econmic policy that is nonsensical, counter-productive and irrational and that has turned us into a nation of poverty-striken paupers, destitutes and beggars.
U do not use the military or ethnic militias armed with AK 47's to kill, crush and terrorise them or to break their spirits.
That does not breed love, peace prosperity and unity: it breeds hate, suspicion, fear, rage and ultimately war.

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