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Monday, 11 April 2016


At least one death was recorded at the University of Port Harcourt on Monday 11/04/2016 during a protest embarked by students of the University. The students were protesting a hike in their tuition, according to the students, they said their tuition fee is the highest among all the federal universities in Nigeria

A student of the University who was said to be the President of the Management Sciences Faculty, Peter Ofurum who was a final year student of the department of Management Sciences was shot dead during the protest by people believed to be men of the Nigerian Police Force whose main duty remains the protection of lives and properties.
The Nigerian Police is too brute and barbaric, maybe they need to be informed again that YOU DON'T KILL PROTESTERS, THEY ARE NOT AT WAR WITH ANYONE. THEY ARE ONLY ASKING FOR A BETTER SOCIETY FOR THEMSELVES AND FOR ALL NIGERIANS.

See below for the pictures of the young kill today by overzealous Nigerian Police Officers:

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