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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Joe Igbokwe has gone mad again oo!! Needs urgent political attention and recognition

Awaji Obediah (The Galaxy Times Publisher)
Mr Joe Igbokwe has so far written a series of hateful, derogatory, stupid, insane and diabolic articles
concerning the Niger Delta recently. Though the identity of Mr Joe Igbokwe is not yet very clear to many Nigerians until recently when he appeared on the Channels TV Face off programme where his opponent, Mr Lere Olayinka of Ekiti State slapped him with facts during their debate which left Mr Joe Igbokwe gasping for air, we also however know that he is an Igbo man, lives in Lagos and hates his Igbo people just because he is looking for political relevance in Lagos.

Mr Joe Igbokwe has consistently played as the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta war affairs ever since militant activities resurfaced in the region, his argument has been that the Niger Delta Avengers are deadlier than Boko Haram and he has consistently lamented how the militant group is destroying the economy and killing the people.
Mr Joe Igbokwe recently called for a full-scale war in the Niger Delta due to the activities of the militants, ever since the militants resumed their activities, Mr Joe Igbokwe has been calling war, war, war, war and more war! Recently we have seen series of bloodshed in Nigeria, ranging from the killing of over three hundred members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, continuous killing of innocent Nigerians and taking of their farmlands and communities by Fulani Herdsmen as well as the merciless killings of members of the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) by the Nigerian Armed Forces but in all these killings, Mr Joe Igbokwe has not spoken against any of those senseless killings going on in Nigeria even when his fellow Igbo people were massacred in Enugu by the Fulani Herdsmen.
It is worthy of note that Igbokwe has overlooked every other wrongdoing going on the country and has beamed his light of frustration on the Niger Delta, one could clearly see from all his articles, the hatred, frustration, insanity, stupidity and foolishness and I believe that no sane Nigerian would take Joe Igbokwe seriously. Joe Igbokwe has struggled for too long to get political relevance but it seems it is not working out for him and the only way he thought he could gain relevance is to do what would please his mentors. According to Joe Igbokwe the Niger Delta has nothing to offer Nigeria except criminality but he has forgotten that he is still living because of the wealth from the Niger Delta and that anything that happens to the Niger Delta will bring Nigeria to a halt. Every well meaning Nigerian should condemn any form of criminality, be it Niger Delta Avengers, Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen and even Joe Igbokwe's stupidity.
In his frustration, Joe Igbokwe called an Ijaw Leader, Edwin Clark a silly old man and an idiot, now how pathetic can someone be, if Joe Igbokwe was reasonable enough he would have condemned the activities of the so called Avengers just the way he would condemn any other form of criminality but out of his stupidity and hatred, he decided to say things that are unimaginable. Again in his stupidity, the man called Joe Igbokwe has indicted President Buhari in the killing of hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, in his words, Igbokwe has this to say:
"If President Buhari can fight Boko Haram and Shiites to a standstill , these so called Avengers in the Niger Delta should face the same treatment"
So is it true that President Buhari ordered the killing of Shiite Muslims in Nigeria just because of their religious differences as it was widely believed?
Joe Igbokwe has called for war severally in the Niger Delta region, saying that they have to take the war to "their" doorsteps. In his stupidity again the useless man has this to say:
"My take here is that there is no need negotiating with those who have had it all in the past 17 years. The battle has to be fought . We cannot win the battle and lose the war. This president is for everybody and for nobody. These people will not listen until they see that war brings death.....Nigeria's armed forces must apply the doctrine of necessity, intelligence, tact and common sense in the war to reclaim the integrity and honour of Nigeria. We must take war to their doorsteps. If they defeat us let them go with their useless oil  and if we defeat them  and they must be defeated, then other ethnic groups will learn yet another lessons from the war"
Now it is very clear that Joe is a useless Nigerian, war has never solved any problem and let me believe that the Nigerian government will put this man to shame by handling this issue with wisdom. Nigeria is bigger than any one man and the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians must be protected first before that of the few selfish and useless ones like Joe Igbokwe. A man like Joe Igbokwe must be kept very far away from the government because he is a very poisonous individual.
Like someone replied Joe on one of his useless articles that unlike Joe, he sees war everywhere and not just in the Niger Delta. I think the same applies to me, unlike useless Joe Igbokwe I see war not only in the Niger Delta but everywhere, I see a war in Joe's thoughts, I see a war in Joe's big empty head, I see a war in his home.
As a Nigerian from the Niger Delta, I totally condemn Nigerian Government exploitation of the Niger Delta without paying attention to the needs of the people from that region, I condemn the use of Military Force in the region and I also condemn the activities of the Avengers, Nigeria doesn't need that at the moment, all we need is peace, give the people of the Niger Delta a sense of belonging and stop classifying them as 5% community. As a true Nigerian, I see a better Nigeria ahead of us but we cannot achieve that with the present structure of Nigeria, whatever government system that allows the people to control their resources in their land and make contributions to the government at the centre is what I stand for and nothing can change that stand! Let every part of Nigeria contribute to the development of the country and not one region feeding the rest, please!
And finally, Mr Joe Igbokwe, there won't be war in the Niger Delta else you will definitely die of hunger and I wish you success in your continuous fight for relevance.

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