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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Cows take over major streets of Nigeria's Capital City, Abuja

Cows are found in their ranches and grazing reserves in countries around the world but the same is
not true in Nigeria, they roam major streets in Nigeria. In Northern Nigeria, cow rearing is a major occupation but their system of cow rearing still remains the movement of cows from one place to the other, the Fulani Herdsmen from Northern Nigeria in recent times have caused a lot of havoc with their nomadic system of cow rearing, moving from the North to the South of Nigeria in search of greener pastures for their cows and in the process destroying people's farmland in places they move and also killing hundreds of villagers when they try to prevent them from destroying farmlands with their cows.
In Nigeria, it is illegal for an individual to carry arms and ammunition but these Fulani herdsmen do so freely without any reactions from the law enforcement agencies and have destroyed hundreds of lives in many part of Nigeria especially in the South of Nigeria and almost every time, this happens unchallenged. Although cases of herdsmen invading villages and killing people is not new in Nigeria, their activities have however increased since the election of President Muhammadu Buhari who himself is a Fulani man and also has cows in his farm, many Nigerians believe the election of President Buhari has further strengthened these Fulani herdsmen to carry out more attacks on villagers because the President has consistently failed to condemn or take any actions against the killings by these herdsmen.
These days their cows roam the streets of major Nigerian city and even the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in such a manner that is not pleasant to the eyes. The Nigerian Government is not even bothered about the whole situation as it stands now but it is high time they took the cows back to the ranches instead of this nomadic system of theirs because this is 21st century.
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