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Friday, 20 January 2017

Why you should Vote Eunice for Vice President, National Union of Andoni Students

The National Union of Andoni Students(NUAS) has been in existence for 48 years and has been the only pressure group in Andoni, over the years, the Union has produced several great leaders who
have been able to lead and sustain the Union till this day.
The National Union of Andoni Students has given Obolo (Andoni) great leaders, most of whom are doing well today in their different fields, it is therefore very important that as members of the Union, we continue to tow that line of greatness. The survival of NUAS is very paramount and we must continue to see it as a duty, as members, to give NUAS the best leadership it deserves.
At this point let me present to you a vibrant, focused and ready-to-serve young lady, EUNICE OBEDIAH. Unlike many of us who came into NUAS because of what we hope to benefit from NUAS, Eunice has been a regular participant in NUAS' activities right from her secondary school days. She has attended and participated in numerous activities organised by NUAS while she was still a secondary school student, she was a regular face at NUAS' quizzes and debates for secondary schools and so when she gained admission into the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, her dream to see NUAS at the top where it has always been never stopped.
Eunice is determined to effect changes in NUAS which is one of the reasons she showed full involvement in NUAS the moment she was admitted into RSUST and was elected as the Treasurer. Contrary to what is obtainable today in the system, Eunice was neither handpicked by her fellow aspirant nor a cabal, she made herself available to serve this great Union because she knows the kind of leadership the Union needs at this point.
Let me again tell you why Eunice should be elected to be the Vice President of NUAS by sharing a snippet from her manifesto:  "To day I offer myself to serve our dear union,we must consolidate on our gains and work together to protect our common history. We must take education to the grass root,we must work with key stakeholders to develop our skills,we must teach our women the need to take reproductive health serious".
If she is elected to serve, she will protect the supremacy of our constitution and put the congress before her interest, she will not compromise in any way in order to please some set of people somewhere. As it will be part of her duties, to head the Health and Education Committee of NUAS, she will make this committee stronger, she will work harder to make sure this committee delivers on its mandate in time. And let me tell you one thing, she is not going to be a figure-head!!
You want a stronger NUAS, a Leader not answerable to a cabal but the Congress men and women of NUAS, a Vice President who will not only work with the President for the overall interest of the Union and Obolo Nation at large but will also make sure that the Health and Education committee which she is going to be in-charge comes back to life? then #VoteEunice4NUASVP.
I hereby call on the good people of Obolo and every member of NUAS to come out in their large numbers and vote Eunice Obediah for Vice President.

Awajikansan Obediah
Founder/Publisher, The Galaxy Times.

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