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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Andoni speed boat drivers cry out, embark on a three day strike action

Speed boat drivers operating within the Andoni waterways have decried the incessant attacks and harassment they suffer in the
hands of sea pirates and armed robbers, according to these drivers, these acts have led to the lost of several speed boats and other valuable properties owned by maritime workers in the area.
The latest attack in the area on maritime workers which happened today 18th July 2017 seems to be the last straw that broke the camel's back. According to reports from one Mr Emmanuel Augustine, the attackers came in the early hours of today, attacked and stole a speed boat belonging to one Mr Timothy at the Asarama-Ebukuma waterfront axis of the unity road. This latest sad development led to the drivers declaring a three day strike action to call the attention of the relevant authorities to the insecurity in the Andoni waterways.
Parts of the report from Mr Emmanuel Augustine reads:
This is to inform all the entire poeple of andoni as well as the poeple of obolo lands that the entire maritime operational area in andoni local government with all the entire drivers and boat owners about what we all the drivers and boat owners, union member have join head together to fight against evil and the suffer we have been going through for the past few year now. On saturday been the 15/7/ 2017  a boat was stolen from one of our member which name was MR UTOON aka ERASCO marine, but with the efforts of the security officers and the maritime member we have able to retrieve the boat back. Then today been the 18/7/2017, at about 8:20 am this morning another boat was stolen at the asarama ( newroad) by some gun men. So the entire union has emback on a three days  strike, so we need the help of the government to come and help this ugly incidence, we can not longer continue with this barbaric act. Only andoni has produce enough political leader in Rivers state why can them help all of us. Most expecially why is it that most of the boat stolen are from Ngo, just like today. The name of the boat owner is comrade Timothy the union chairman.
............. Writen by emmanuel augustine to the benefit of the masses of the poeple of obolo as well as the nigeria atlarge so pls injuring to one is injuring to all. For any help or information that can help us kindly call us on the following number.........
08037652187.........thanks for your coperation.
The relevant authorities should act fast to bring this ugly occurrence to a stop.

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