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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Major decisions reached by Bestman Azuonwu-led SUG of Rivers State University

The Students Union Government of the Rivers State University led by the President, Comrade Bestman Azuonwu on Friday 10th November 2017 held her first general congress in which major decisions were reached for the general welfare of the students.

The congress which had in attendance, the executives of the Students Union Government, Students Judicial Council, Students Representative Council amongst others is said to be the highest decision-making body of the University's Students community.
In a press statement released and jointly signed by Comr. Kennedy Johnson(DOP,SUG, RSU.) and Comr.Pepple Hamilton Harry(Chief Press Secretary to the SUGPresident,RSU.Comr.Bestman Azuonwu.) listed some of the decisions which include the reduction of the cost of transportation on campus, building of Aluta house, funding and equipping the Man-O-War group on campus to provide security amongst many others resolutions reached.

Read the Press Statement below:
The Congress of the Students Union Government, Rivers State University held today.
The Congress which Comprises
The executive council
Students representative council
Students Judicial council
Faculty Presidents
Departmental Presidents.
One representative from NURSS and NANS
Representative from non-indigene students.
Representative from each Hall of Residence.
The Congress is the highest decision making body of the Students Union.
The Congress was chaired by the President and Commander in chief of the Students Union Government,Comr Bestman Azuonwu.
The Congress among other things deliberated on the following items.
1. Sport Break on Wednesday.
2.Transport Fair.
3.Hostel Renovation.
4.Prices of Commodities on Campus.
6.Aluta House
After an elaborate and intellectual discussion in the Congress,at the end of Congress which lasted for 4 hours,the Following decisions were taken which shall be biding on all Students and those involved.
1.That Transportation fair be brought down to #30 only on Campus.
That Bus stops,Road signs and safety measures shall be put in place for the welfare and security of the Students.
2.On the Diary issue,the Congress resolved not to allow the Diary saga experienced last time to repeat itself.
3. On  Sanitation,the Congress resolved that every month,they shall be a Sanitation on Campus to assist the School management in keeping the School environment Green( which shall include,Students,Faculties/departments,all food vendors and anyone doing business on Campus.
4.On the Price of Commodities on Campus,the Congress resolved to have a round table discussion with all the food vendors after which drastic decisions shall be reached at reducing the price of Food on Campus and the quality of food improved.
5. On the Sport Break time which reflects on the Timetable,the Congress resolved to  lias with management to ensure that no lecturer/lectures take /fix any Lecture on the Sport break Time,so that Students can Utilize it as agreed by Senate which is the highest decision making body of the university.
6.On Security issue on Campus,the Congress agreed to fund,support and empower Man O War with security kits to work
Also to have an understanding with management to change all old security guards and put vibrant,young and agile Security guards.
The Congress also agreed to bring security personnel to patrol the School environment,and Crime prone areas to secure our Students.
Still on security,the Congress resolved that Protectors shall be provided for NDDC hostel,immediately the proposal sent to the School management is approved,haven noted the security challenges in that Hostel..
Furthermore on security,the Congress agreed that an emergency security number shall be made available for students to call in case of any security threats on Campus..
The chairman of the Congress who doubled as the President students Union Government,Comrade Bestman Azuonwu also hinted Congress that plans have been concluded for a Presidential Media Chart on Radio RSU(now Excel Fm) which will give the students opportunity to call in and ask the President questions on any issue Bordering them on Campus,.
They shall also be a town hall meeting in all the Department/faculties where Students came come and Air their Views.
7.On Hostels renovation,the Congress aligned itself with the earlier decision reached and agreed by the Executive Council that Full renovation should be done during the Christmas break but Toilet/ bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned for students before the Christmas break.
8. On Aluta House,Congress resolved that the Students Union Government will ensure that Aluta House is built by way of sourcing for fund outside and other means possible.
These are some vital decisions taken by the Congress which shall be implemented as soon as  some modalities/ Procedures are Completely.
9.the chairman of the Congress and the President,Comr Bestman Azuonwu also informed the House about an insurance scheme that will soon be introduce,this when introduce tend to cover students in times of Emergency, losses and any Unforseen circumstances( sickness,)that may happen to any students while on campus.
Signed by.
Comr.Kennedy Johnson
Comr.Pepple Hamilton Harry.
Chief Press Secretary to the SUG President, RSU.
Comr.Bestman Azuonwu.

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